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The Marketing Consultants Group, LLC specializes in building innovative, unique marketing and selling systems solutions that get better results for your grow-obsessed business or non-profit.

We are developers and exclusive providers of marketing selling systems solutions like our (1) Mobile Marketing, which broadcasts display ads and links directly to consumer's Smartphones, laptops and tablets, directing them to display ads and landing pages strategically located on high-traffic consumer web sites like Yahoo, CNN,, Facebook, etc. utilizing Google's technology, (2) our exclusive Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Ad Networks, which deliver marketing messages directly to consumers in high-traffic consumer venues including convenience and big box stores, airports and supermarkets, and our (3) exclusive Audio Home Tours Marketing Systems, which delivers realtor's perfect presentation, breaks the deadly silence of real estate's unpredictable silent marketing, and provides sellers with what they really want, 24/7 sales accountability.

The Marketing Consultants Group, LLC is also the creative inspiration and developer of one of the most effective new marketing campaign concepts since the infomercial, our "Interactive Consumer-Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR Marketing Campaigns that capitalize on consumer's "greed glands" to capture everyone's attention, create excitement, interest and a desire among anxious consumers to immediately engage unlike no other marketing campaigns on the planet.

"Our mission is to improve your business' performance, provide you with fresh, innovative new ideas, successful, results-proven strategies and selling systems solutions that you more profitable business . . . without spending a fortune or sacrificing your time.

Our goals are to establish long-term mutually beneficiail relationships with you, our clients, putting you first, and doing whatever it takes to maximize your results, treating you as if you were family, and your business were our won." - Ronnie Schmidt, Founder, CEO

Our Leadership, Founder, CEO Ronnie Schmidt

Visionary Founder, Author, CEO Ron Schmidt and his sales staffs have been responsible for $252,000,000+ in sales during his 46-year sales management and marketing career for 6 Fortune 500 industry leaders including Fram Corporation, Honeywell, Inc., Boise-Cascade, Inc., Bauch & Lomb Inc., Cooper Vision, Inc., Amstar-Domino Sugar Inc., and as Founder, CEO of The Marketing Consultants Group, LLC and Worldwide Media Corporation in the automotive aftermarket, commercial building market, real estate construction, medical, food, marketing, publishing and advertising mediums industries.

A strategic marketer with a creative, practical, results-oriented marketing and sales mind, Ron has developed powerful selling systems solutions, including our exclusive Mobile Marketing Broadcasting and Audio Home Tours Marketing Systems, as well as exclusive new ad mediums including Digital Signs Advertising Networks, Affordable Advertising Airships and Aerial Extravaganzas Fleets for sister company Worldwide Media Corporation ( results-oriented concepts like: “Interactive Marketing", "Targeted Broadcast Marketing", "Because Marketing Systems Work – While Everything Else Eventually Fails", "Empowering Your 'Unpaid' Sales Force", and "Breaking The Deadly Silence Of Real Estate's Unpredictable Silent Marketing" among others.

He is also the author and co-author of two White Papers - Case Studies including "Why Aerial Advertising? Can Advertising With An Airship (Blimp) Be More Effective Than Traditional Forms Of Advertising?" and "Why In-Store Digital Advertising? and considered an authority in aerial advertising and digital advertising.


Our "Results-Proven" Selling Systems Solutions Get You More Business For Less Cost.

ADVERTISERS: Looking for your next best investment? Look in stores because we overcame retail objections to in-store digital ads. What to do, how to do it and who's going to do it. We handle all the details. We cut through traditional media's clutter, place our Remotely-Managed Digital Signs Ad Networks in high-traffic supermarkets, convenience and big-bod stores, effectively deliver your market message and convert prospects into customers for less.

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MARKETERS: The Next Big Things In Marketing? Our New "Results-Proven" Mobile Marketing Virtual Ad Networks And Virtual Ad Space.


Discover How We Will Help You Get Thousands In New Business Coming To You At The Speed Of Light Via Google’s Technology And Our Exclusive Mobile Marketing Virtual Ad Networks, Ad Space And Marketing Services.  

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REALTORS: Our Audio Home Tours Marketing Systems Will Help You Sell More, Make More, Do Less. Give Sellers What They Really Want.


Our "Results-Proven" Audio Home Tours Marketing Systems Will Help You Dominate Your Market's Listings, Sell More, Make More, Do Less And Provide Sellers With What They Really Want - 24/7 Sales Accountability, Exclusively Available From Our Company. 

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From our exclusive, new industry-changing "Results-Proven" Interative Consumer-Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR" that gets everyone's attention and cuts through tradtional media's clutter to get you better results.


To our exclusive, new Selling Systems Solutions and "Done-For-You" Marketing Services, you can only get from our company, we will help you sell more, make more, do less.


Here's how we're different. While most other firms want to be paid before they do the work, we're the exact opposite. We will help you get results before we get paid. Fair enough? Simply put us to the test and we'll help you sell more, make more, do less.

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