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We hire Sports Celebrities to help raise more money faster with less effort for select Non-Profits.

Our Celebrities get paid, get all the accolades and applause, while we handle the details.

Interested? Read on to learn more. Okay?" - Ronnie Schmidt, CEO


Sports Celebrities. Want to help raise more money faster with less effort for select Non-Profits?

Want to get paid and all the accolades and applause? Interested? Read on.

"We hire Sports Celebrities to help raise more money faster with less effort for select Non-Profits.

They get paid and all the applause while we handle all the details." - CEO, Ronnie Schmidt

How? We'll employ our exclusive, new Consumer Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR to get results.


And create our Celebrity Sweepstakes for sports celebrities like LeBron James, Reynaldo and John Cen

Sports Celebrities like these and many others want to help:

1. Raise more money faster with less effort for select Non-Profits.

2. Get paid and all of the accolades and applause.

3. While the Non-Profit gets the profits.

4. And our firm handles all of the details.

Here's how our Consumer Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR and Celebrity Sweepstakes work.

Our Celebrity Sweepstakes raises more money faster with less effort for select Non-Profits. How?

1. Each Celebrity Sweepstakes Grand Prize winner gets to spend exclusive time with the Celebrity.

2. Tickets will be promoted and sold via traditional and social media.

3. Profits from each Celebrity Sweepstakes will go to selected Non-Profits.

4. Our firm will deploy our exclusive Consumer Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR.


Our new marketing cuts through media's clutter, creating "warm & cozy feelings" in potential donors.

It also encourages donors to reach for their wallets to purchase tickets to win the Grand Prize(s).

Here's How Our Exclusive Celebrity Sweepstakes Fundraising Campaigns Work:

1. Participants

We hire Celebrities to promote our exclusive Celebrity Sweepstakes Fundraising Campaigns.

We help our Celebrities promote their Celebrity Sweepstakes to their followers, consumers and the me

2. Grand Prizes.

We work with our Celebrities and their representatives to determine Grand Prizes.

Our Sweepstakes Grand Prizes all include exclusive time spent with our Celebrities.

3. Marketing.

We create marketing materials featuring our Celebrities to promote their Celebrity Sweepstakes.


3. Provide a professional ticketing company to process credit card ticket sales.

As well as handle all administrative tasks for our Celebrity Sweepstakes.

4. Provide auditing by a Certified Public Accounting firm for ticket sales, expenses and payments.

5. Help determine Celebrity Sweepstakes Grand Prizes to include exclusive time with our Celebrities.

6. Help create and test Celebrity Sweepstakes marketing materials including:

A. Celebrity Sweepstakes Graphic Ads

B. Celebrity Sweepstakes social media pages.

C. Celebrity Sweepstakes News Releases

D. Celebrity Sweepstakes E-mails, direct mail and text messages for the media, consumers, donors.

We will handle our Celebrity Sweepstakes contest applications and applicable contest fees.

This ensures that our Celebrity Sweepstakes comply with all local and state regulations.


Our marketing materials are used to promote our Celebrity's Sweepstakes to followers, public, media.

4. Administration

We manage the administration of our exclusive Celebrity Sweepstakes campaigns.

We work with a professional ticketing firm to handle ticketing administration.

5. Transparency

We use a Certified Public Accountant firm for our Celebrity Sweepstakes to:

1. Audit ticket sales.

2. Make payments to our paid Celebrities.

3. Pay Grand Prize expenses, administrative fees and profits to each Non-Profit.

Here are all the things we do for our paid Celebrities to raise even more money faster with less eff

1. Create and manage our Celebrity Sweepstakes fundraising campaigns including:

2. Help administering ticket sales and all payments for our Celebrity Sweepstakes.


How much more money will our Celebrity Sweepstakes raise with less effort for select Non-Profits?

How much more will our exclusive Celebrity Sweepstakes raise vs. traditional fundraising campaigns?

The amount of money raised depends on many factors, including, but not limited to:

1. How many potential donors see or hear about our Celebrity Sweepstakes.

2. The percentage of potential donors who then purchase a Sweepstakes ticket.

3. The perceived value and consumer appeal of our Celebrity Sweepstakes Grand Prize(s).

The higher the perceived value, the more potential donors will want to participate.

The more they participate by buying a Sweepstakes ticket, the more money is raised.

4. The price of our Celebrity Sweepstakes ticket.


The length of time our Celebrity Sweepstakes runs and the season in which it runs.

And many other factors.

Our Marketing Consultants Group LLC's Celebrity Sweepstakes fundraising objective is:

To raise more money faster with less effort than any other traditional fundraising campaigns.

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It's a win, win, win opportunity.

For our Celebrities.

For their fans and followers.

For our select Non-Profits.

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