Visionary Founder, Author, CEO Ron Schmidt and his sales staffs have been responsible for $252,000,000+ in sales during his 48-year sales management and marketing career for 6 Fortune 500 industry leaders including Fram Corporation, Honeywell, Inc., Boise-Cascade, Inc., Bauch & Lomb Inc., Cooper Vision, Inc., Amstar-Domino Sugar Inc., and as Founder, CEO of The Marketing Consultants Group, LLC, Worldwide Media Corporation, The Family Publishers, Inc., Worldwide Publishers LTD, Inc. and Medical Benefits Consultants, LLC in the automotive aftermarket, commercial building market, real estate construction, medical, food, marketing, publishing and advertising mediums industries.



A strategic marketer with a creative, practical, results-oriented marketing and sales mind, Ron has developed powerful selling systems solutions including Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Advertising Networks and Audio Home Tours Marketing Systems. He is also the co-author of "Why In-Store Digital Advertising? and considered an authority in digital advertising.

He has created results-oriented concepts like: “Interactive Marketing", "Targeted Broadcast Marketing", "Because Marketing Systems Work – While Everything Else Eventually Fails", "Empowering Your 'Unpaid' Sales Force", "Breaking The Deadly Silence Of Real Estate's Unpredictable Silent Marketing" and "Consumer-Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR."

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