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Look NO further because our mission is to help you:


2. Provide you with "RISK FREE DEMOS" as PROOF that our exclusive, "results-proven" SELLING SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS and MARKETING CAMPAIGNS will work for you.  

I know your time is valuable, so I'll get straight to the point and cover 3 things here quickly.

1. What we've got. 

2. What it will do for you. 

3. What to do next. 


So, here's what we've got and what it'll do for you.

Ronnie Schmidt, CEO, sought after for his problem-solving, innovative, "maximum results" solutions.

Ronnie Schmidt, CEO, sought after for his problem-solving, innovative, "maximum results" solutions.

1. Our Exclusive, New Remotely-Managed Digital Signs Ad Networks Ad Space Provides Ad Space At The Point Of Sale In Heavily-Trafficked Consumer Stores.


2. Our Audio Home Tours Marketing Systems Break The Deadly Silence Of Real Estate's Unpredictable Silent Marketing, Give Sellers What They Really Want.


3. Our Consumer Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR Marketing Campaigns Cut Through Traditional Media's Clutter, Gets You Better Results For Less.


Here's what to do next.

To see if we can help you, we'd first like to better understand your business by asking a few questions, review them to see if there's a fit, then if you'd like, provide you with a convenient "RISK FREE DEMO". 

Don't worry, there's no heavy lifting.

We will handle the details for you.

Under our Selling Systems Solutions Page located above is detailed information about each of our exclusive selling systems and background of the seven (7) questions we'd like your input to. 

To apply for our "RISK-FREE DEMOS", please be sure to fill in your first and last name, primary E-mail address and response to each question. 

When you're finished answering, simply push the Send Button. 

After we've reviewed your responses and believe there's a match, we'll call and set up a convenient time to demo our "results-proven" selling system solutions.

Fair enough?

PS Any information you provide will be kept confidential.

We don’t share it with anyone, so feel free to give us your best input.

We look forward to helping you and providing you with less costly customer acquisition and greater sales conversion . . . all without spending a fortune or sacrificing your time.

Thanks for reading my letter. 

Best regards, 

Ronnie Schmidt  

Ronnie Schmidt, CEO, The Marketing Consultants Group, LLC

Office: (800) 330-8908 Ext. 807 

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