Who Else Wants More Raving Fans and MORE FREE MONEY For Your Non-Profit? Look NO Further. Read On...


NON-PROFIT FUNDRAISERS - Who else wants more raving fans and more free money faster for your non-profit?

How do we help you get more raving fans and more money?

BY CONDUCTING RAFFLES. Tap into consumer's "greed glads" and emotionally engage them via highly-perceived value raffles.

Have your members post your high-perceived value raffle offer to Facebook and other social media sites. Eventbrite.com and Universe.com will help you market your raffle and handle the backend administration for you.

BY APPLYING FOR GRANTS. Get elected officials to help tap into billions from Federal and State coffers. Matthew Lesko is the definitive source for grants and funds for non-profits. Check out Lesko.com for all types of grants for non-profits.

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